Where can I find WhatsApp and other software for Windows?

Whatsapp has a new separate app for windows finally. Now you don’t need your mobile phone to send, receive, and sync messages. WSP develops codes to compress and transmit the stream to the user’s device. You can install WhatsApp for Windows and other software at guruprasad.net. Whatsapp mirrors all the conversations and messages on your phone to the window, and you are also able to reply to them using Windows Whatsapp.

Can I use WhatsApp on my computer without a phone?

While you are using Whatsspp for Windows, you don’t need your mobile phone to use your Whatsspp on Windows. If you are not using WhatsApp for Windows, then you need your mobile to scan the QR code for authentication purposes to login into your WhatsApp through Chrome or Firebox. If you don’t have your phone, WhatsApp web on your computer doesn’t sink and work properly. It will be disconnected from your website if it is inactive for 30 minutes.

at guruprasad.net

Can I use Whatsapp only on PC?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp on your PC. You don’t need to scan any QR codes for the authentication process. Instead of scaning the QR use a windows whatsapp and signin as like in mobile phone and you can use normally. The security level is the same as on the mobile app. All of the features found in the mobile app are also available on Windows.

They have developed apps for the Windows and Mac operating systems to improve their user experience. Whatsapp for windows is designed to increase speed and consistency and is specially optimised for your windows. The user will receive notifications and send messages even if you don’t have your phone on hand.

Now an additional feature is available for users, where you can connect with multiple devices with a single account without your phone. They are literally working to improve this feature even better. If you are looking for WhatsApp for Windows, check at guruprasad.net. These include Windows Whatsapp and other desktop software. Where you can find multiple software on a single website.