Anti harassment law create fear among the people

The Protection from harassment act has brought a new change in Singapore. This law not only cover the harassment happing in Singapore but also the harassment happening on the Singapore people from outside, It also covers the attackers through internet. Most of the senior lawyers have enough knowledge about this law, it is best to take help from such lawyers on protection order Singapore harassment proceedings.  Let us see why awareness about harassment policy is important.

  • A good harassment policy will discourage the harassment. It consist of all the points clearly what all thing are considered as harassment. It also mention that when can anyone repot harassment. In case is there is no such law or policy than it is like a open door for all the people who try to break the laws.
  • It is always better to conduct some training to increase the awareness about the anti harassment laws. If everyone are clear about these laws than the people will be very positive and can also without any fear can come and complaint about any harassment.
  • By knowing about the anti harassment many people will come forward to help the person who is facing the harassment and support them in time of trouble.

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Application steps for protection order

  • If someone is filling the PO by themselves then they have to attend a pre filling training in which they will be give a complete understanding about the PO filling process and they will also refer you to a layer or assessor who will check you application. If you have already approached an lawyer than there is no need of pre filling session as the lawyers are already very well know about this information.
  • Once the form is filled then the person need to arrange for few documents once the documents are ready then he has to personally go and submit those documents. In case if you have lawyer hired then the lawyer can submit this documents electronically on your behave. You also need to confirm in front of law that the declaration given by is true. After the documentation is submitted then a copy of court order is issued to the person whom against the case has been filled.
  • After few days both the parties have to attend for the pre trial conference in which the court hearing time and date is decided. The judge will also try to solve the dispute by counseling both the partied but if there is no proper outcome of it then the case is directed to hearing.
  • On the hearing date the judge will look in to all the evidence and the listen to the witnesses and based on the all the data judge will take the decision. If the PO is granted to you in that case you would need to submit the granted PO to the perpetrator else it will not be considered effective PO.


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