Get Details About CT Urogram In New Jersey

CT urogram is a procedure in which the doctor examines kidneys and bladder using medical imaging technology. It is different from the CT scan because it looks for any kind of issues in the urinary tract of the person. This procedure makes it easier to figure out the condition the person has so that the doctor can provide better analysis and treatment. In this article, you will learn about the CT urogram in New Jersey.

CT urogram in New Jersey

About the CT urogram procedure

CT urogram provides diagnosis on multiple conditions, so the person can get proper treatment. Some of the conditions are kidney stones, kidney infection, bladder stone, bladder infection, UTI, ureteral tumor, and irregularities in the bladder.

  • The radiologist will inject the contrast dye into the vein of your arm or hand, so it provides an outline for the structure of the urinary tract and gives you all the details of the blood vessels, and the tissues present there.
  • It is a non-invasive procedure, so it is easier for the patient as they only need to lie inside the machine until it takes the 3d images and the cross-sectional of the urinary tract.
  • You can feel the urge to urinate or feel a metallic taste in your mouth once the contrast material is inside your veins, so don’t worry, it is normal.

 Things to keep in mind before the procedure

  • The specialist will ask you to remove all kinds of metal accessories, jewelry, and pin before the imaging begins. It is done to make sure there is no interference in the scanning, and the radiologist receives an accurate image of the urinary tract.
  • The doctor will ask you some general questions before the procedure begins like your medical history including kidney disease, allergies, and transplant of organs among other things.

Once you come for the procedure, you can trust the radiology center to give you the most accurate results for the CT urogram, so you can take action accordingly. You should contact their facility, book your appointment, and ask your queries, so you come prepared.