What is a White label Robo Advisor?

            People nowadays are investing in greater numbers than ever before. It is necessary to be careful with the money you have and spend it wisely. Many of these investors are switching to automated investing. With a robo advisor white label.

What is a White-Label Robo Advisor?

             A Robo advisor is a digital platform that gives automated investing services. These platforms are commonly algorithm-driven. While some give human guidance as a supplementary service. They take a numbers-driven approach to make an investment strategy. By looking at an investor’s financial goals and risk tolerance.

A white label Robo is a platform for all financial institutions. To offer Robo-advisory to all their customers. Bambu creates digital wealth management solutions for financial institutions. That assists their users to save and invest for the future. Leading financial institutions around the world have acquired Bambu’s technology and software. Making wealth management digital and simple. A seamless software for banks, financial advisors, asset managers, and more. Capable of automating range processes from account opening and administration. To goal portfolio management and planning, what is normally done manually. A Robo advisor can be done both alongside or in a place of a human advisor.

Discover their Products: 

Bambu Go

  • Ready to go, pay as you go
  • Safe Keeping with Apex Clearing
  • Zero codings required
  • Deploy in weeks
  • Goal-based financial planning

Bambu Build

  • Your Robo built to your specs
  • Connected to your custodian
  • Apps for advisors and customers
  • Integrated to your internal systems
  • Goal-based financial planning

Bambu Go is an absolute white label Robo-advisor solution. That needs integration of zero development. It is the best Robo advisor with a complete tool kit. Their white label solutions clarify your world. While improving flexibility, speed, and accuracy. Bambu Go helps you and your clients with cutting-edge technology. That seamlessly combines your existing systems. For effortless delivery of digital wealth management services.

Features of Bambu Go:

  • Transactions Automated- Bambu Go comes with instant verification. Order management, ACH payments, and rebalancing through Apex Clearing and Plaid.
  • Fast Delivery Robo- Customize your robo-advisor app. With your branding and set up risk products. Questions, and portfolios using our dashboard.  It takes only 2 months for deployment.
  • Hosted & Supported on AWS- Bambu Go is hosted with 24/7 support. On Amazon Web Services, in your domain name. With data anonymization and Industry-leading security.
  • Zero Coding Needed- Bambu Go robo financial advisor. Comes with all you need to launch. Run a digital wealth platform, including brokerage. And custody with Apex Clearing.
  • Pay as you Go- customize your robo-advisor app. Launch your Robo-advisor app and grow your business with a limited budget. Real-time customer feedback will assist you to improve your business model.
  • Intelligent Customer Experience- they have spent years simplifying the experience of the customer. The journey is driven by recommendations and personalized data.

 Bambu BUILD is a white label custom Robo advisor solution. A leading enterprise white label custom Robo advisor solution. Built to your specifications and exact requirements for your customers and advisors. While Bambu Go meets the needs of businesses requiring a simple out-of-the-box solution. BUILD is the chosen choice for those needing a fully custom robo advisor.