AEIS exams are a doorway into the world of education in Singapore

-What is an AEIS exam? For those of you wondering, the admission exercise for international students is what sets a bar for the international students and for foreign parents who are wishing to enroll their kids into Singaporean schools for primary and secondary education.

With the pass percentages decreasing every year which has seen a serious decline from 80% to 20%  it has become increasing difficulty to clear the exams. This was done in the prospect of preserving the local schools and its education for the students who are local to the country Singapore and thus shouldn’t interfere with the opportunities waiting for the inland students.

There are many students waiting in line to take up the exam as this gives them a chance at the world class Singaporean education system and hence the AEIS exams pays reference as the bar exam to set the standard for students with high academic excellence and providing only the deserving students with the access.

aeis singapore

Here is the solution:

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  • This exam gives them access to enter at any level of the primary and secondary education. And the parents the hire the tutor based on their kids’ academic that they are getting them into and the tutors might differ accordingly. many tutors charge on an hourly basis and one can see in increase in rates which the increase in the level of education. Also since most of the tutors are localities and many years into the education business equips them into knowing the nuances of the exam in question that is aeis Singapore being undertaken can help the kids into grossly beating the competition and simultaneously increasing their chances at entering the schools.

Conclusion – wishing the students a bright future with the help of AEIS tutors